Blog Tour Signup: Whispers in the Dark by Pam Jernigan

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God’s Grace Blog Tours is organizing a tour for Whispers in the Dark by Pam Jernigan from June 12th to June 16th.

NOTE: Blog tour posts must be up by 9am (EST) and the top post of the day (please take this into consideration when choosing a date). An email containing the posting information will be sent to participating bloggers one week before June 12th. Please be mindful that interviews, guest posts, and other special features are limited to five.

Thank you for your time in wanting to help this author have an awesome book launch! Continue reading

Interview with Mike Duran

I don’t do horror in any forms.

That’s what I thought prior to reading Mike Duran’s The Ghost Box for the first time. I was creeped out, paranoid at night, but yet greatly enjoyed it and thought, “Why not read book two?”

So enters me sharing an interview with the author of the Reagan Moon series.

His stories are not like anything I have read (Goosebumps doesn’t even come close)! They pulled me in and fortified the truth that God is stronger than any evil force. He has a grand purpose for each of our lives, even if seems our personalities collide with the calling in our hearts.

Yeah, his stories are pretty much epic.

Grab a blanket and a few pillows for my fun chat with Mike about writing, speculative fiction, and the Reagan Moon series. Continue reading

The Water Blog Tour: Character Interview with Meadow

The Water Cave Blog Tour Banner

Another stop on The Water Cave blog tour!

Yesterday I shared one of my favorite lines concerning friendship. Today I am super pumped to share a short interview I had with Meadow. I know she has a lot on her plate right now in her rather, um, hectic schedule so I’m thankful she took the time to chat with me. Though, I’m not sure if schedule is the right word since she didn’t exactly plan or schedule any of the events happening in her life right now.

Anyway, she’s such a sweet girl and hope you’ll enjoy the chat I had with her. She definitely is strong in her faith and reminded me that God is always with me (no matter where I may be). Plus, I need to remember to give my friends hugs for always standing by me. Continue reading