#onelinewednesday: Breakwater

Who loves mermaids?

I have to admit, I find them so beautiful (let’s think more the Disney version though) and intriguing. Thankfully for me I discovered an author who portrays them in an awesome, strong way that’s definitely not Disney (I say that as a good thing).

Catherine Jones Payne has delivered a very memorable story with her debut, Breakwater, which released yesterday.

I mean the world-building is absolutely fascinating! I loved the ways Catherine brought Jade’s world to life. Plus, Kiki was so cool and totally made me want to have a pet dolphin.

Though the world-building was truly amazing, even more I loved the overall message of this story.  I thought it very prevalent to today and thought about how I could show the same bravery as Jade did. She consistently went against the standards of what society said she had to be and do due to who she was. She truly tried to love others that were supposed to be looked down upon (due to her status) and took it upon herself to be a voice for those who couldn’t be.

This was a read that inspired me to want to use my voice make a difference, and like someone told Jade, “perhaps it’s better to find joy in the rubble rather than celebrate in the ignorance.

I couldn’t agree more.

Breakwater Catherine Jones Payne.jpg


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