#onelinewednesday: The Water Cave

Welcome to the first stop of The Water Cave blog tour!

I mentioned Monday that I was excited for this tour, but I have to admit that I am even more excited for readers to discover this intriguing story. It was filled with lovable characters, action, and some plot-twisting events. Plus, there was a strong bond of friendship between Meadow and her best friend (as well as another character or two) that I greatly enjoyed.

When Meadow’s best friend, Cassy, comes on the page, I think I almost instantly liked her. She supported Meadow in her own enlightening way by listening to her and, of course, taking her shopping.

Then she has Mark. I won’t say much about him, but he was probably my favorite friend of Meadow’s and character. His story is one fantasy/scifi readers won’t want to miss, but be forewarned: His story pulls the heartstrings.

Since I’ve shared a little bit about friendship and how I enjoyed that when reading Rachel Lopez’s The Water Cave, I couldn’t help but share something Meadow says about Cassy. Though my best friends and I are not quite as opposite as they are, we do have differences that surprise me.

However, I wouldn’t have any other way.



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