#onelinewednesday: Huntress

I thought I knew what I was getting into when reading Huntress by Julie Hall, but I was quite wrong in my expectations. The author literally created a world like I have never read.

I’m not quite sure how to put it into words because it was so utterly creative. I immensely enjoyed learning about the place Audrey lived in with the same awe and wonder as her.

Then of course there was Logan, who was something else. I was able to interview him recently and was so intrigued about him afterwards, that I desperately wanted to read more (and I was not disappointed when I did!).

Yet to say I enjoyed Logan’s character the most would not be accurate as one of my favorite parts about Huntress is most likely be the chapter “God.” The author paints this beautiful picture of how powerful God’s love is not only for Audrey, but mankind. Julie brought Him to “life” in a beautiful way and was so strongly touched by this chapter that I am unsure if I fully comprehended everything.

However, one of my favorite quotes is the one below concerning faith (and it was one I did comprehend). Sometimes I forget to rely on the truth inside of me compared to what I think my eyes see about a situation.

Huntress Julie Hall.jpg


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