The Water Blog Tour: Character Interview with Meadow

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Another stop on The Water Cave blog tour!

Yesterday I shared one of my favorite lines concerning friendship. Today I am super pumped to share a short interview I had with Meadow. I know she has a lot on her plate right now in her rather, um, hectic schedule so I’m thankful she took the time to chat with me. Though, I’m not sure if schedule is the right word since she didn’t exactly plan or schedule any of the events happening in her life right now.

Anyway, she’s such a sweet girl and hope you’ll enjoy the chat I had with her. She definitely is strong in her faith and reminded me that God is always with me (no matter where I may be). Plus, I need to remember to give my friends hugs for always standing by me. Continue reading

#onelinewednesday: The Water Cave

Welcome to the first stop of The Water Cave blog tour!

I mentioned Monday that I was excited for this tour, but I have to admit that I am even more excited for readers to discover this intriguing story. It was filled with lovable characters, action, and some plot-twisting events. Plus, there was a strong bond of friendship between Meadow and her best friend (as well as another character or two) that I greatly enjoyed.

When Meadow’s best friend, Cassy, comes on the page, I think I almost instantly liked her. She supported Meadow in her own enlightening way by listening to her and, of course, taking her shopping.

Then she has Mark. I won’t say much about him, but he was probably my favorite friend of Meadow’s and character. His story is one fantasy/scifi readers won’t want to miss, but be forewarned: His story pulls the heartstrings.

Since I’ve shared a little bit about friendship and how I enjoyed that when reading Rachel Lopez’s The Water Cave, I couldn’t help but share something Meadow says about Cassy. Though my best friends and I are not quite as opposite as they are, we do have differences that surprise me.

However, I wouldn’t have any other way.