New Name Blog Tour Wrap-Up

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Wow! What an awesome and exciting tour this has been! Did you miss a post or one of the events that took place?

No worries! Below is a short recap of the lively interviews and other fun features (with links).

First up, a beautiful and fun interview with Amy. What stage of writing does she enjoy the most and why? What stage of writing does she dislike the most? Stop by Jannette Fuller’s blog to find out.

On Wednesday I shared one of my favorite quote’s spoken from the very entertaining Rain Stormcloud. 

An awesome book review of New Name over on Claire M. Banschbach’s blog.

“Plus you get Rain trying to help her figure out a name for the baby (it’s worth reading the book just for that scene), and you also get the prickly mercenaries being the cuddliest surrogate aunts in the galaxy.” – Claire

Amy also stopped by HOPE through the Pages to do a fun interview. She shared a little more about the names in her book (which are amazing) and what she would bring with her from her past if she were 250 years in the future.

If you have been on the fence about reading A.C. Williams’ Destiny Trilogy, maybe this interview on Zerina Blossom’s Books‘ will convince you otherwise.

Be encouraged by this powerful post over on Author Emerald Barnes’ blog as Amy shares her story. “Questions and doubt aren’t a sign of lackluster faith.”

Janeen Ippolito, special guest at the New Name Facebook party, shared a book spotlight as well as how she is looking forward to finishing this trilogy.

Enjoy watching book trailers? Here’s one to wet your appetite for New Name.

Lastly, this past Saturday night we had a blast at the New Name Facebook party chatting about New Name, playing games, and announcing the winners from the blog tour and the Kindle Fire.

Many thanks to the bloggers who participated in this tour and Amy for giving readers an inside scoop about her latest release, New Name.

Want to know more about the book or where you can purchase it? Scroll down to read more!

About the Book

New Name A.C. Williams.jpgAn unlikely sisterhood.
An unwanted child.
An unthinkable sacrifice.

Aura Morningstar takes the last fragment of the time travel stone and escapes the Knightshade Syndicate by stowing away on a mercenary ship. Despite a rocky start to their relationship, Aura builds a new life with the crew, eccentric mercenary sisters Snow and Rain Stormcloud.

But the consequences of refusing to change history are only beginning.

Aura discovers she is pregnant with Darien Stone’s child. The Stormcloud sisters are pressuring Aura to terminate the pregnancy, but Aura knows all too well the easy choice isn’t always the right one. Can she ever truly accept a child born of rape? Can she face the constant reminder of all she has lost? And if she keeps the child, will Snow and Rain continue to shelter her? Without their protection, Knightshade will find her, take back the time stone, and rewrite history for their purposes.

Aura must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice—Stone’s child or history itself.

Amazon Barnes & Noble


About the Author

A.C. Williams.jpgAmy Williams is a novelist, freelance writer, founding member of Crosshair Press LLC, and professional nerd. You can find most of her work under the name A.C. Williams, but she also writes young adult fantasy (The Legend of the Lightkeepers) under the pen name Kimberly McNeil. Amy is single and lives in her family’s 100-year-old farmhouse on five acres in the middle of the Kansas prairie. She loves cats and drinks far too much coffee.

Connect with Amy

Website  — Goodreads Facebook TwitterInstagram — Google Plus


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