#onelinewednesday: Yella’s Prayers

I’m sharing a book today that is outside of the usual genre I read.

I recently friended Nadine C. Keels over her love for the Seattle Seahawks football team and was excited to have an opportunity to read her upcoming novel, Yella’s Prayers.  She tackled big issues some teens and college students go through today, but was also a powerful story of hope.

One of my favorite characters was T’meal as he experiences so much growth. He had me go from not-really-cheering-for to being as joyful and excited as his Mom to see the transformation happening in him. He was just a wonderful guy and loved getting to know the real him.

Since majority of the book he struggles with making friends, something his Mom mentions to him really stood out to me. Here it is below.

Yella's Prayers Nadine C. Keels.jpg


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