#onelinewednesday from Chains of Gwyndorr

Have you ever read a story that made you feel a range of emotions, to extreme happiness and then to wiping tears from your eyes?

Joan Campbell’s novel Chains of Gwyndorr did that for me.

I was excited to have the chance to review her book, but was also slightly nervous since it had been a long time since I read anything with magic.

She blew my expectations out the water!

I absolutely fell in love with all of her characters. They drew me into their world and did not let go, even when my Kindle had long been turned off.

I know it’s more than one line, but today’s quote really touches my heart. Shara’s journey has been my journey at one point in my life and her words of freedom have echoed in my heart as well. I hope you take a chance on her story.

Chains of Gwyndorr book quote.jpg


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