Sharing the Book Love

Welcome fellow, galaxy gazers, to this little spot in the blogosphere!


This blog is dedicated to all the speculative Christian indie writers and authors out there in the book world.

Let’s take a moment of silence to honor these awesome people and their extraordinary work in writing fiction on a path that I hear can be hard, but so very rewarding on many levels.





Before we go any further I want to clarify that I have nothing against writers and authors who choose to go traditionally published. I know they have written the same extraordinary work as an independent author who has either self-published or published with an indie publisher. There are traditionally published books written by authors that I very much enjoy and will continue to do so for years to come as they share more stories.

However, I feel this past year their are indie books I have come to love that don’t have the proper recognition they deserve. They sit in the shadows, their glorious awesomeness slightly hidden from being truly seen.

This, galaxy gazers, needs to change. No author and their books should get more spotlight due to how they are published because all deserve an equal chance of being read and noticed.

To help these fellow independent authors, HOPE through the pages was born with a passion to love, support, and encourage writers that are not as well-known, but should be.

A few things you’ll see as I share my love for these author’s books:

  • Fan made book trailers
  • Book quote shareables
  • Writer and author interviews
  • And a few other secret things to come

Think you’re on board in joining me on this adventure? This blog’s mission: Support the author, read the book, share the book love.

HOPE Through the Pages bookmark.jpg


8 thoughts on “Sharing the Book Love

  1. Thank you for the follow, Laura! I’m in the beginning stages of setting up my website. I have several others, but ended up losing my main website, so I’m starting over. I have four books published on Amazon and always love to see enthusiasm for reading! I’ll be posting about them soon. I Love bookmarks and make my own to compliment my books, so I’d love to have one of yours if you are still offering.

    Liked by 1 person

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