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13 freelance markets to explore beyond article writing

Widen your freelance horizons.

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Many people equate freelancing with writing articles, but savvy freelancers know there are many, many other avenues available to writers looking for work. These paid jobs can be a great way to stretch your skills as a writer and bring in some extra cash to boot. With a little research, a polished cover letter, and an updated resume, you will be on your way to expanding your freelance horizons. Here are some freelancing opportunities to consider.

Resume writer 

Do you have an eye for detail and an understanding of human resources or the corporate world? If so, resume writing may be something to consider. Start by reading current resume writing reference books to understand what goes into an effective resume, and then read examples online from professional resume writers. Each industry has its own set of corporate phrases and jargon, and you need to learn and understand those as well. There is an art to highlighting a client’s skills, job history, strengths, and achievements in a clear and succinct way. Pam Farone, certified resume writer, career coach, and founder of Careerfulness, suggests having a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word. “Knowing different formatting tricks is important,” Farone says. She aims to make a resume look visually appealing without being overly fancy. Why? Employers use software to filter resumes, looking for keywords that bring people with the most relevant experience to the top. Complex formatting can throw off those results.  To find clients, Farone suggests starting with your own network of friends and professional colleagues to let them know you are offering this service. Also think about providing coaching or resume assistance at a local library or other organization to help spread the word. 

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