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Freshen up: A spring cleaning guide for writers

Spring is a season of growth, change, and possibility. What better time to refresh your creative process?

Spring cleaning tips for writers. A whimsically illustrated person vacuums underneath a bookshelf while a medium-sized dog wags its tail in the background.
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Use these tips to declutter your brain, reorganize your approach, and clear space for writing in the months ahead.

Clean out your writerly closet

With winter gone and summer racing toward us, it’s time to open every drawer, empty the closets, and sort through your goals, perceptions, and process. Take stock of where you are in your creative life at this moment. What’s working well? What’s cluttering your mental space? What tricks, crutches, and excuses do you reach for most often? What parts of your brain do you barely use, and what would help you access them more often?

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